If you are not a trader: Kindly note that we are a wholesale company and do not sell directly to private persons.


For traders:


Please read "EXPORT-INFO" before you start shopping.


Please note:

* If some article in our website doesnīt have a price it is because it temporarily is out of stock. Without price you will not be able to order the article. The price will appear when the article is in stock again.

* If you can see the price, the article is (probably) in stock. 

*If all data about an article has disappeared from our website, (photo, description etc.) it is because the article is discontinued, it will not come again. 


You must max. use 60 minutes to complete your order, short after the website will freeze. If you canīt finish your order in time, finish it (confirm the order) and continue on a new order.




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